Chevy/Chrysler-Powered Corvette Dragster Has Frankenstein Power

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Turbocharged Corvette clocks a speed of 212.69 mph in the Lights Out eighth-mile.

If there ever were a reason for Chevy and Chrysler fans to find some common ground, this blue-striped bandit is it.

Corvette Dragster

This menacing dragstrip concoction recently set a world record for a radial tire speed trap, reaching 212.36 mph in the eighth-mile. And it did so using a combination of a Chevy big block and Chrysler-made Hemi cylinder heads, and a pair of turbochargers. Then sometime later, the Corvette-bodied dragster wound up breaking its own record with a speed of 212.69 mph.

That’s fast.

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But as The Drive points out, this certainly isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a record-breaking dragstrip run built on parts from different platforms. Still, the idea of one leveraging the mechanics of Chevy and Chrysler is pretty special.

The record was set at the Lights Out 8 event, at South Georgia Motorsports Park. It touts itself as the premier drag-racing event. We’ll have to take their word on that. But the official stats on the Corvette’s record-breaking run are as clear as day, as showcased in the clip above.

Apparently, the winning Chevy/Chrysler-powered dragster actually damaged a piston in a semifinal race. But the pit crew managed to replace the part right before their next race, with little time to spare. Impressive, right?

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