Chevy Corvette ZR1 Shoots Flames

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In the car world, making lists is about as much fun as you can have without being in a car. You can make lists about what you would own if you were given millions of dollars, or about the best supercars of all time, or about anything that revs your motor, really.

However, when you can make a list out of video clips, then you’re really going to have some fun. Not only do you get to see all your favorite cars do something crazy, but you get the visceral noise that each makes. Lists are awesome, especially the video list below.

Here we have for you a special little list of the 10 Best Flame Spitting Cars You Should Never Tailgate, care of CarThrottle. It features some of the coolest cars on the planet shooting flames out of their exhaust. However, one car in particular should have been ranked higher: the ZR1.

The Chevy Corvette ZR1 was a huge accomplishment for Chevy when it first came out. Not only was it the most powerful Corvette ever, but it just completely out-muscled the competition. This particular ZR1 has had some extra things done to it though, because that car definitely didn’t shoot flames stock.

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via [CarThrottle]

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