Chevy ‘E-Ray’ Trademark Signals Electric Corvette Likely

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Here’s a bit of Corvette news to ponder over the holidays.

It appears that Chevy has moved beyond just considering an electric Corvette and has actually trademarked a name for the model, dubbed the “E-Ray.”

According to AutoGuide, GM has filed two trademarks with the USPTO (numbers 86850510 and 86850500). One is described as “Corvette E-Ray” and the other is just “E-Ray.” The move has also fueled speculation among some (like Left Lane News) that the future alternative powertrain Corvette could very well be a mid-engine model, similar to the Audi R8 e-tron.

Then again, you’d think that Chevy would reserve the idea of any mid-engine Corvette to that coveted Zora moniker, which the carmaker trademarked last year.

Either way, it seems almost certain now that we’ll be seeing an electric Corvette on the road in the near future. The only questions are when, and whether or not people will actually gravitate to a ‘Vette that isn’t powered by a V8 engine.

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