Christmas Corvettes: New Owners Celebrate the C7 Z06

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Religious or not, it’s easy to see why Corvette Forum member “lawdogg149” might be feeling a little extra joyous this Christmas.

The Georgia-based entrepreneur has added a shiny new red C7 Z06 to his collection this year along with a matching red Viper after facing some fierce battling against Chinese companies now vying for the same business, as noted here in a Corvette Forum thread.

“God has been great to me and my business this year. Being in the artificial turf business, we constantly find ourselves battling with the Chinese over pricing and quality. We were fortunate enough to make good money this year, and I was able to purchase these two beauties. I give all that blessing to God.”

Corvette Forum member ArcticBlast chimed in on the thread here, saying, “He is good, indeed,” with the photo below.


Something tells me the sentiments shared by Lawdogg149 and ArcticBlast are ones that a lot of new C7 owners can appreciate this holiday season.

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