Chromed-Out Corvette C7 Crashes Into Gas Station

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Since the cold-hard facts about this Corvette story are admittedly few and far between, I’m going to ask you to venture some guesses as to what happened here.

Obviously, we can see in the photos that someone used to have a very nice C7 Corvette, with a very showy paint job. And according to a very thin¬†GTSpirit¬†report, we know that “a young Middle Easterner” hit an “array” of other cars before coming to its final resting place at a Shell station in Marina del Rey, California.

A young Middle Easterner? Have you ever heard anyone described like that? I don’t recall. And I definitely don’t know if that’s PC or offensive. Either way, let’s concentrate on what we think actually happened here.

C7-Corvette-crash chromee

My theory is this: whoever was driving the ChromeVette obviously wasn’t wearing Blue Blockers, and the hot Southern California sun beat down just so, hitting the Corvette’s powerful chrome, and creating a laser beam of potent sunshine that temporarily blinded the driver. The carnage was simply inevitable.

Sound about right?

Since we don’t hear otherwise in the source material, I’m assuming no serious injuries were sustained, and that no one was permanently blinded by the ‘Vette.

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Via [GTSpirit]

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