Classic 1969 Corvette Back on the Road After Being Flooded by Superstorm Sandy

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[VIDEO] Classic 1969 Corvette Back on the Road after Superstorm Sandy

When Superstorm Sandy walloped the East Coast last October, the damage was widespread to homes, businesses, and boardwalks.

That damage also included lots of beautiful collector cars.

Fortunately, however, what can be destroyed can many times be restored to its previous glory.

With the one-year anniversary of the storm approaching (Oct. 28), the Web TV series American Detours, which pairs epic American roads with beautiful classic cars, decided to focus on firsthand stories of such resilient Jersey Shore collector car owners.

That includes the owner of a 1969 Corvette that was completely ruined after it was submerged in several feet of seawater.

In the episode, the owner is featured talking about how he tried to save the car first from a few inches of water in his garage, then realized his efforts were futile as the water continued to climb, eventually damaging the transmission, interior, suspension, and many other parts of the car.

Fortunately, the car was insured with Agreed Value coverage through American Collectors Insurance, and the owner decided to purchase the salvage back after the claim was paid.

[VIDEO] Classic 1969 Corvette Back on the Road After Being Flooded by Superstorm Sandy

He then set out to restore the car starting in January and says he was done with the restoration by May – not a bad turnaround for a total loss vehicle.

Hosts of the show, Jael de Pardo (SyFy Network) and Jeff Glucker (, were even allowed by the owner to take his beautiful green over tan Corvette onto the open road, talking cars and cruising to Jersey Shore landmarks along the way.

According to the show, more than 40 percent of American Collectors Insurance’s claimants from Superstorm Sandy decided to buy back the salvaged remains of their totaled vehicles and are in the process of restoring them the way they were before the storm.

Actually, this 1969 Corvette is even better than before in the eyes of the owner, who decided to switch to a five-speed transmission (from the old four-speed) that cruises at 1500 RPM instead of 3000 and allows him to carry on conversations and listen to the radio.

Sometimes, there is a silver lining to that dark cloud.

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