Classic ’65 Corvette Totes 36-Gallon Fuel Tank

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I imagine there are quite a few folks that are glad this trend didn’t catch on in the world of Corvettes, namely anyone who hates paying big at the pump.

Compared with the C7, which features an 18.5-gallon tank, this rare 1965 C2 sports a 36-gallon fuel hauler, almost double that of the new Stingray.

Now, I know they say you really don’t buy a car like a Corvette if you’re concerned about how much it costs to fill her up, but can you imagine if that concept would have really taken off as a production model? With the price of 91 octane being what it is, that could turn into one expensive Sunday drive.

The gas-toting C2, dubbed “Big Tank,” is one of only 41 models produced, and will be crossing the blocks at the upcoming Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance in Florida. It was designed with a bigger fuel tank so it could run longer on the racetrack, and I imagine whoever posts the winning bid will have more than enough cash to keep that big-old tank filled. Although, with an estimated auction price of more than $160,000, they probably won’t even drive the car.

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via [Corvette Blogger, Hollywood Wheels]

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