Classic Corvette Ad: The Cat and the Corvette!

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The General has commissioned its fair share of awesome Corvette ads. But ?The Cat and the Corvette? is no “America Still Builds Rockets.” Sure, leaving something to the imagination is a time-honored trick, but we?d still like to see more fabulous fiberglass and less forlorn feline here. Seriously? This came out of the smokey, boozy rooms we see on “Mad Men?” Maybe this could be an ad for cat food. Or knitting needles. Or Ladyfingers. But a sports car? No. Way. There’s an obvious joke here about the slang term for “Velocity Yellow,” but we’re not going near it. This baby looks to be “Cascade Green” anyway?

What do you think? Is does this do the Corvette justice? Or is it a total marketing meltdown? Sound off in the Forums!

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