Classic Corvette Caught in Messy Lawsuit

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Family of deceased owner claims woman forged his name to get ‘Vette.

You’ve heard us say that every great-looking classic Corvette typically has some kind of interesting story surrounding it.

But those stories aren’t always the kind that leave you loving the American sports car more than you did before reading them. In fact, every now and then, you might find yourself stumbling on a story that makes you ponder the kind of fanatical effect that a Corvette can have on a person.

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Take, for example, this story of a 1958 Corvette (valued at $97,000) at the heart of a civil case in California’s Solano County, as highlighted in a Corvette Blogger report. The drama centers on a woman named Laura Hazelett who claims the car was gifted to her by the Corvette’s true owner, George Bristol, two days before he died in a 2016 truck accident.

According to the story, first reported by the Daily Republic, it appears Bristol was in a relationship with Hazelett when he died. But one of Bristol’s family members has filed a lawsuit claiming the woman actually forged George Bristol’s name on the forms that appear to give her ownership of the vintage Corvette.

The Daily Republic was unable to get a comment from Hazelett about the allegations, but it doesn’t appear that she’ll be driving the Corvette anytime soon. The lawsuit is asking the courts to issue an injunction, which would prevent the DMV from granting anyone ownership of the Corvette while George Bristol’s estate is in probate.

A decision on the matter could come as early as June when a judge is scheduled to hear the case.

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