This Classic 1961 Corvette Owner’s Face Says it All

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Just look at that face above. It exudes a sense of confidence, one that I’m sure many here can identify with on a personal level.

Even with those dark shades on, it’s clear that Michael Mardellus of Biloxi, Mississippi is awfully proud of his 1961 Corvette, which was recently highlighted in a Sun Herald report. And why wouldn’t he be? The ’61 Jewel blue ‘Vette is a sight to behold, which we’re sure made it a huge draw at the View the Cruise event held in Gulfport as part of the area’s annual Cruisin’ the Coast festivities last weekend.

Mardellus actually purchased the 230-horsepower Corvette from an estate in upstate New York, where the owner had six cars preserved in glass. His own work on the car includes replacing the original tail lights and repainting the rear end, which is how the Corvette wound up being painted in that gorgeous Jewel blue.

Yup, that’s one beautiful car you have there, Mr. Mardellus and well deserving of that look of confidence you give off in the photo.

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Via [Sun Herald]

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