Classic Corvette Spotted Fleeing Wildfire

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C1 Corvette Fleeing Wildfire

Director of American Hot Rod Association spots man racing for safety in 1961 Corvette during Burbank, California fire.

How deep is the love for vintage Corvettes? Well, deep enough that if a wildfire is threatening the domain where you keep yours, it’s the first thing you quickly try to save. After all, with the kind of speed that these things can inflict damage in an area, time can be of the essence.

That seems to be the take on why a man in Burbank, California was spotted fleeing the hills in his ’61 Corvette. The fleeing ‘Vette, featured in a report by The Drive, was initially captured on video by David Steele, director of the American Hot Rod Association.

Apparently, the fire was working its way down the hillside when Steele saw the vintage car speeding through the neighborhood, which The Drive reports was one of at least six blazes in the region recently.

Luckily, it appears that this particular wildfire was eventually gotten under control by authorities.

That said, we assume that most here understand why Steele would assume the man was racing away from the fire in his Corvette. Namely, because a great looking ’61 ‘Vette is something you can just make an insurance claim for and go grab another one the next day. The, there’s also the fact that if ever other one of your possession happens to succumb to some natural catastrophe, at least you’ll have your classic convertible Corvette to cheer you up.

In fact, Steele’s caption for the video on his Instagram post pretty much sums up our thoughts as well.

Of course, others might think it’s silly that we’d even think that saving a Corvette was on this guy’s mind in the midst of wildfire spreading in his neighborhood. But it just a sign that they’ve probably never been in presence of a prized vintage ‘Vette.

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