Obtainable Classic Stingray, Even for Dreamers

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Here’s another classic Corvette up for auction that’ll have you scrambling to see if there’s any way you can legally come up with some extra cash.

The good thing is this one is a little more in the price range of us everyday working folks than that $6.8 million Corvette I covered here earlier this week. The chances of me ever owning a car of that caliber are about as far-fetched as me landing a gig as the chief designer of the next Corvette, which would be a really tough sell, given my drawing skills are pretty much limited to stick figures.

This 1965-specification Stingray, however, is much more obtainable, even if it still would require me to pick up a few extra jobs over the next two decades.

Built in 1964 with serial no. 1, the 1965-specification Corvette Stingray could fetch anywhere from $100,000 to $150,000 when it crosses the block at Mecum Auctions next month, according to Mecum.com.

The satin silver beauty is equipped with a 365-horsepower 327 cubic-inch engine mated to a four-speed manual transmission and only has 28,000 miles.

Finally, a dream I can really wrap my mind around.

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via [Mecum.com]

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