Closing Your Corvette Doors Without Leaving Fingerprints

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What good is a clean car if the door panels have a bunch of fingerprints all over them? It’s no good. It’s no good at all. Might as well not even drive the carĀ if it’s tarnished like that. But it doesn’t have to be like that. What if I told you your car doors don’t have to have fingerprints on them at all?

Perhaps after seeing a few discussions on Corvette Forum about keeping the doors clean, the Corvette Museum decided to demonstrateĀ a few options. The most popular, as shown in the video below by one of the museum’s ambassadors, is extremely simple. All you have to do is hook your finger in the square metal door latch on the inside of the door and swing the door at the car. Boom, done. Easy peasy, and no smudges.

Still, there are a few problems with this. The C7 doors require a decent push to fully close, and if your hands are in any sort of pain or fragile, then that’s not going to work. So, there are a couple more suggestions in the video. If you’re wearing pants that don’t have any buttons or other metal on them, you can give the car a little hip bump. Or you could simply wear a glove or gloves to push it. The choice is yours.

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via [Corvette Museum]

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