Anthony Bourdain Taps Into Corvette Love in Cuba

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Well, what do you know – it looks like the Corvette has a huge fan base in Cuba.

During an episode of CNN’s show Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown that was set on the island, the adventure travel host appears to have inadvertently stumbled upon a deep passion for the ‘Vette shared among local car lovers in Cuba.

The interesting bit in the episode, which initially aired in September, came during a conversation Bourdain had with some locals gathered at a drag race event. They were discussing how things have changed on the island since the recent change in Cuba’s relationship with the United States.


Below is an exert from the segment:

BOURDAIN: Everything is changing. It’s entirely possible that soon you’ll be able to order any part, any car, any car in the world. You can have it tomorrow. What would it be?



BOURDAIN: Corvette. Which year?


Sounds like Chevy might have a new market to explore if America ever decides to fully lift the embargo against Cuba, a goal that appears to be picking up steam.

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