Combustion Chamber: The 21 Dumbest Corvette Questions (Part 2)

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2014 Chevrolet Corvette Seats Not a Four-Seater MemeDumbest Corvette Questions

Johnathon59: While showing a somewhat naive friend of mine my car, he looks inside and says, “It just has two seats, huh?”

Jimbob26: “Why would you get a stick shift in that car?”

RKInIL: After trading my 2008 coupe and buying the 2013 convertible, my next-door neighbor asks me, “Do you really need that? What are you going to do with it?”

TractionControlOff: I’ve gotten, “You must get 10 mpg!” and, “How many cylinders does it have? Four or six?”


Txbobcat: During the Cash for Clunkers thing, a gal in a new Ford Expedition pulls up next to my Corvette while my convertible top is down. She asks me, “Are you not ashamed to be driving a gas guzzler like that when the rest of us are trying to conserve gas? I said, “I bet you are getting close to 12 mpg aren’t you? Well, uppity I get 26 mpg, so who should be ashamed here?”

MrJlr: What kind of car is that? Does that have the HEMI?

flyeri: After answering that my car is a Corvette, I was asked if Corvette made a truck.

Tom400CFI: My wife, son and I were participating in a Corvette Club of Utah “Cruisin’ to the Tetons” cruise. I drove my C6, and my wife drove her Dodge Stealth R/T Twin Turbo.

Dodge Stealth RT Twin-Turbo and C6 Corvette

At one of the stops, a woman who is part of the Corvette Club of Utah pointed at the Stealth and asked my wife and me, “When did they make a four-seat Corvette?”




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