Combustion Chamber: The 21 Dumbest Corvette Questions (Part 3)

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2013 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Engine Not a V6 MemeDumbest Corvette Questions

Iceaxe: A gentleman once asked me, “Is that a supercharger?” while pointing at the air conditioner on my 1970. I politely replied, “No it’s the air conditioner.” His next question was, “Are you sure it’s not a supercharger?”

corvettekent: With my ’60 Corvette, I get asked, “Is it a steel body?” and, “Are you the original owner?” … I would have been seven. With my ‘66 Sting Ray, a kid (about 15) told me, “Nice Jag, man.”

paul 74: Does the NOS make a big difference in performance? (See below)

Fire Extinguisher Mistaken for NOS Bottle

68vxm: My neighbor came by one day when I had the hood up. He watched for a minute, and said, “So, it’s a 710, huh?”. I said “No, that’s ‘OIL’, upside-down” (on the oil cap). I’ve also had the occasional “expert” explain that Corvettes haven’t been made of fiberglass since the ’50s.

Ret.Horsecop13: I’ve also been told a few times that I was lucky I didn’t get one of those fiberglass Corvettes because they had a lot of trouble with them.

texaswilkins: I tried to sell my ‘82 once. The guy walks around the car unexcited and then he sticks a magnet against the door and watches it fall off. He asks if there is much Bondo on the car. When I said “no”, he just looked at me and stuck it on the fender. He offered $8,000 for it because he thought it had a lot of body work done. It kind of went downhill from there.


1977L48: I keep my T-top holders on my luggage rack. Someone asked me, “What’s that antenna thing on your luggage rack?” I said, “That’s for holding the T-tops.” He said, “Oh I thought it was for your spare tire?” WTF? He just said “antenna”!

Rocketmanwpb: I was walking back to my C5 in a grocery store parking lot, and a couple of older guys were in front of me. One of them says quite loudly, “You couldn’t give me one of those,” at which point I said, “Don’t worry. I think I’ll keep it.”

8APORSH: A service tech at the dealership walked over to me with his clipboard in hand, dip in his mouth, and said, “Sir, it looks like we’re going to have to rotate those tires.” I looked at him with a blank stare and then began laughing. There was an awkward pause, and I then I said, “You’re not kidding, are you?” He replied “no”, and I then replied, “I’ll take my keys back now.”

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