This Commemorative Edition Z06 is All Love

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Commemorative Edition Z06 Family Le Mans Blue

Florida couple’s Le Mans Blue C5 Corvette is a treasured part of the family.

Nothing quite stirs the heart like sharing a Corvette.

For Howard and Sandi Brown, it’s been a beautiful relationship that has included two C5s over the years, including the 2004 Commemorative Edition Le Mans blue Z06 pictured here, as detailed in a Super Chevy report. Their first? A ‘99 C5 painted in Sebring Silver.

As number 1,973 out of only 2025 models made, however, the Commemorative Z06 likely holds a much deeper connection for the couple. That might explain why the Corvette has only accumulated only 48,000 miles in the last 11 years. And most of those have been on road trips and weekend drives as well as a few routine trips to Corvette events in the Orlando area.

Howard says they’ve also kept the Z06 pretty much stock. Then again, we can’t imagine anyone would really want to change anything on a Corvette as prized as this one.

According to the Super Chevy story, the Commemorative Le Mans Z06 was actually the first production Corvette to break the 8-minute lap at the Nurburgring. That alone is enough to keep most from modifying anything. It’s also the first of General Motors’ cars to feature a stock carbon-fiber part, which was the hood that shaved 10.6 pounds off the C5’s fiberglass hood.

Commemorative Edition Z06 Family Le Mans Blue

Under the hood of the Commemorative Edition Z06 sits a 405-horsepower LS6 aluminum block built from a semi-permanent mold. In contrast, the base model C5 came equipped with the LS1 engine.

Other features on the Commemorative Edition include a Tremec T-56 six-speed manual transmission, Speedline wheels, and Michelin Pilot Sport tires.

Then, there’s that classic iconic silver and red striping. C’mon, what else could you ask for?

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