Consumer Reports Names the Corvette Z06 as the Best Car in Chevrolet’s Lineup

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Consumer Reports Names the Corvette Z06 as the Best Car in Chevrolet's Lineup

Chevrolet got some good news and some bad from Consumer Reports in its annual Car Brand Perception survey. 

In the survey, Consumer Reports lists each automaker’s highest-rated vehicle?and its lowest-rated.

Fortunately for Corvette fans, the Z06 was Chevy’s highest rated with a score of 92.

Here’s what Consumer Reports had to say about the ?Vette:

?The Corvette offers impressive performance, with a relatively comfortable ride and very capable handling. The interior is roomy for a two-seat sports car, but fit and finish should be far better given the price. The Z06 we tested is a bargain high-performance sports car. Its 505-hp V8 produced ferocious acceleration with an exhaust note to match, but the base car is plenty powerful. Reliability has dropped to below average of late. A redesigned 2014 Corvette, called the Stingray, arrives this fall with more angular styling and a much nicer interior. A seven-speed manual will be standard, with a six-speed automatic optional. Power will come from a 6.2-liter V8 that will produce at least 450 hp, according to GM, and includes cylinder deactivation to maximize highway mileage.?

Unfortunately for Chevy, the Spark got the brand’s lowest score with a 34, prompting Consumer Reports to say this:

?Chevrolet’s smallest car is a four-seat ?city car? that’s well equipped with standards features such as a touch-screen infotainment system. Despite that, however, the Spark isn’t a good deal. Its dinky 84-hp, 1.2-liter four-cylinder and jerky four-speed automatic combine to provide slow acceleration; the standard manual transmission delivers better performance. The Spark’s cabin is cramped and relentlessly noisy, the ride is stiff and jittery, and fuel economy of 32 mpg overall isn’t that impressive. While it isn’t exciting to drive, the Spark is certainly maneuverable, exceptionally easy to park, and boasts a rear seat that is actually usable by two adults.?

Chevy no doubt hopes that the halo image of the Corvette will lead consumers to check out its other offerings, but Consumer Reports warns consumers to be careful about choosing a vehicle based on a single high-rated model. It’s not always a one-rating-fits-all system, though the magazine does point out that some brands fared better than others. Acura’s worst model, the ILX, still managed a score of 77 out of 100 and met the Consumer Reports? performance standards, safety, and reliability criteria to be Recommended.

See how other General Motors? brands fared in this survey at Consumer Reports.

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