Convert the Air Conditioning Condenser into a Transmission Oil Cooler

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After my air condition broke down the third time on my 88 Vette I decided
to forget this damned thing and asked myself why not use the condenser as
an oil cooler for the automatic transmission?
The condenser sits in
front of the water cooler. Remove the panel to access the water cooler and
the condenser.
Now the oil cooler lines and the condenser lines are
different in diameter (approx. 0,9mm and 13mm). So you need two reducing
pipes and two pairs of oil resistant hoses with equivalent
Cut the oil lines which go from the tranny to the small oil
cooler (passenger side) which is integrated in the water cooler (and which
doesn�t do a good job in cooling!).
Cut the A/C-lines near the
Connect the lower oil cooler line with the lower A/C-line
and the upper oil cooler line with the upper A/C-line using the reducing
pipes and the hoses.
Check the oil level of the tranny in hot condition
and add oil accordingly.
I also installed a temperature gauge for the
tranny and the operating temperature is now 65 Celsius under heavy load
instead of 110-120 Celsius with the original integrated oil cooler
The whole job took me about 2 hours.
I�ve already driven
10.000km with this installation without any problems (no oil leaks

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