Cordes Performance Racing Dials Up a C7 Corvette

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It’s getting to that point in the C7 Corvette’s lifespan where more and more people are forgoing keeping the car stock, and are now turning up the wick on these absolutely beastly machines. We’re already seeing 1,000 horsepower come out of a few places (Hennessey is a major example of that), but these cars really don’t need that much more horsepower.

That’s why the guys over at Cordes Performance Racing haven’t gone to extremes with their C7 Corvette build, certainly not in terms of horsepower. To put it plainly, they wanted something that’s still drivable, and not going to tear out your eyeballs every time you step near the gas.

Their C7 Corvette makes 635 horsepower, and 567 lb-ft of torque, which is more than enough to get this Corvette moving. They’ve slapped an ECS kit, headers, and a meth injection kit. Overall, it sounds amazing, and still retains its overall drivability. 635 horsepower is a great number to be at, and I’d kill for the chance to drive one.

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