Corvette Ad Really Stretches the Term ‘Needs Restoration’

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Fiberglass bodywork is a key piece of Corvette heritage, but can it keep a car alive forever?

When the Corvette first debuted it brought fiberglass bodies to the masses. It kept weight down for better performance, and it solved the massive issue of corrosion that plagues the steel machines of the era. Even decades later, the Corvette is still using advanced composites to create its body panels. But sometimes having a body that is basically eternal means you end with some serious basket cases that are getting sold as “restorable.”

Take this 1958 Corvette (seen in the main photo above) that was listed recently on Craigslist. A half buried slab of fiberglass with three round object vaguely resembling wheels, it’s hard to even call this a “car.” But here it is, listed for sale as needing a “full restoration.”

You think?

Oh, there is no engine, no transmission, we doubt there is much of a frame left, and the top is AWOL. There is no word on the nose of the car either, but apparently the seller does actually have the passenger door. Somewhere. Did we forget to mention that there is no title or tag to speak of either? At this point you are selling less of a car and more of a body shell, and that makes the nearly $9,000 asking price even more hilarious.

We fully understand that anything is worth exactly as much as someone else will pay for it, but we feel that praying on the mentally disabled with that kind of astronomical pricing might be crossing a line. Thankfully if you think that level of cash is asinine, the seller is open to trades. That means if you happen to own a perfectly functional Harley, boat or ATV, you can trade them for this slab of fiberglass that could be a real car again. In 10 years after spending $50k.

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