A Corvette Z06, Cadillac CTS-V and Two Chevy Camaros Go 4-Wide on an Airstrip

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A Chevy Corvette, a Chevy Camaro, and a Cadillac CTS-V line up for a drag race. No, it’s not the beginning of a funny joke, it’s an actual drag race… well, just add a second Camaro into the mix.

The High Tech Corvette video below takes place at a Texas Speed Syndicate event on a closed-down airport runway. We’ve grown used to seeing plenty of these airport runway videos in recent years, which I hope is a sign that more and more people are taking their high-performance vehicles off the streets and racing them in safe and controlled environments, such as this one.

While I won’t spoil the ending of the video, it’s worth noting that the yellow C6 Z06 appears to be stock, while the orange Camaro and black Cadillac CTS-V are highly modified and can be seen tearing up drag races in other High Tech Corvette videos. That being said, it may surprise you to see who completes the 4-wide, 1/2 mile shootout in the least amount of time!

Any guesses?

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Via [High Tech Corvette]

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