Corvette Replaces Stork in Novel Baby Announcement

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Children of this era are probably more familiar with Frozen than Dumbo. But for generations of parents, the Disney classic was all too happy to answer that most chilling of questions: “Where do babies come from?” A flock of storks, of course, deliver Dumbo to his mom.

A couple of Chevy fans are introducing their own special delivery, with help from another all-American classic: the Corvette. Their bundle of joy — represented by a cute C7 Power Wheels car just big enough to seat Junior — is depicted next to a full-size C5, presumably belonging to Mom and Dad.

As you can see in these baby announcement photos, Robert and Jessea clearly put in some time and effort. The entire announcement comprises four separate photos, with the initial image (above) sporting clever graphics. The family cat is obviously intrigued. And the July 23rd due date has been cleverly emblazoned on the Power Wheels’ license plate.

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Additional images seem to imply the mother-child connection of an umbilical cord, with help from a set of jumper cables. This child isn’t going to be needing a lift anytime soon. Their little Power Wheels will be well prepared for its shakedown run.

The final image in the set depicts the baby C7 comfortably ensconced in the trunk of the mother C5. The trunk and doors of the mother ‘Vette are shown open. While this is clearly a nod to the maternal link between big and little ‘Vettes, we have to wonder: would removal of the smaller car by this method constitute a C-section?

Of course, we wish mom, baby, dad, and cat a safe and uneventful journey until the proverbial rubber hits the road.

Scott Huntington is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and JK Forum, among other auto sites.

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