Corvette Could Become Hero Car for Holden

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I’m betting the boys in the Land Down Under are busy Googling anything and everything about the new Corvette Stingray right now.

It would make sense given the speculation that the Chevy sports car might be gearing up for a new role in Australia as General Motors’ Holden brand’s halo vehicle.

Rumors of a possible Holden Corvette began circulating after Stefan Jacoby, the head of General Motors’ international operations, told Australian media in Detroit that Holden will have a “halo model” after the V8 Commodore dies.

The idea that the car will be the Corvette basically comes from a process of elimination. Among the V8 models in GM’s portfolio, the Corvette is the only one that really fits the bill from a production standpoint.

One of the reasons most noted as to why the C7 will likely be crowned Holden’s new hero car is it’s been developed for right-hand drive.

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Source [GM Authority]

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