Corvette Body Kits to Fit Your Budget

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Corvette body kits are an excellent way to enhance the exterior of your vehicle at an affordable price that can fit within your budget. While there are a huge number of different ways to enhance the look of the outside of your car, body kits are one of the best, because they are easily customizable and give your Corvette a truly distinctive, classy appearance that is entirely up to you.

Body kits typically consist of some combination of rear and front bumpers, spoilers, tips, corner pieces and more. They are typically available in matching kits or as individual pieces that you can mix and match to your own preference and style. Read on for some of the best brands and manufacturers of body kits, broken down according to price.

Under $800

The cheapest kits that you’re likely to find are going to sell for between around $500 and $800. Many of these, like Duraflex kits and RKSport kits, are made out of a special type of fiberglass that is designed to be both sturdy and flexible at the same time. The idea behind this material is that it will better be able to stand up to weather conditions, the wear and tear of driving and other potential damages. These kits are oftentimes nearly identical in appearance to the nicer and more expensive kits, although you’ll likely not have quite as many options in terms of styles and designs for your pieces if you spend under $800 as you would if you spent a bit more money.

$800 to $1200

In the middle range of Corvette body kit prices, you’ll find some excellent brands and options. One of the leading brands in this price range is the Extreme Dimensions line of body kits. These kits are excellent choices for a sleek and unique design. They are made from stable and durable fiberglass and can be easily fitted to your car in a short amount of time. You’ll also have a great selection of different accessories and piece designs from which to choose as well. These kits typically cost about $1100 or so for a basic kit, although additional modifications can be more expensive.

Above $1200

Top of the line Corvette body kits typically range from anywhere around $1500 up to well over $5000. The large difference in price is due in part to the fact that there are hundreds of different types of specific modifications that can be made to your vehicle; the more of these that you choose, the more expensive the process of purchasing and installing them will be, as a general rule. Some of the best brands available are Crowder’s and West Coast Corvette kits.

For more information about body kits for your car, and for assistance in selecting and installing the kit for you, speak with a custom auto specialist or a Corvette expert.

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