Corvette Bowling Green Assembly Plant Shutting Down for Maintenance

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Corvette Assembly Bowling Green

The Bowling Green Corvette Plant Will Close Temporarily for the First Week of January.

The Corvette assembly plant is a national institution, and when news of the place shutting down came to us, we were a bit sad. Reading more into the shutdown, we see that it’s just a temporary closure for the first week of January to complete some construction, and to perform some much-needed plant maintenance. Some had speculated that the closure was due, in part, to slowing Corvette sales, but the official statement tells a different tale.

“We had the regular shutdown for the holidays and there needed to be construction done on the paint shop. There are also maintenance needs,” said Lauren Langille, a Corvette plant spokeswoman.

GM announced temporary plant closures at four of their other production facilities in order to make up for slow seasonal demand. As November came to a close, GM had racked up more than a three-month supply of cars, according to Autodata. Corvette supply is currently above that average, sitting on 170 days. A Chevrolet spokesperson has stated that they are aiming to reduce inventory levels to a 70-day average supply over the course of December. They hope to accomplish that with increased incentives and holiday sales.

The Corvette plant, while producing more than the world demands, claims that the closure is unrelated to production. We’re not sure if that actually is the case, or if it is simply corporate PR spin. In any case, GM could halt production on Corvettes entirely and still have enough cars that they wouldn’t run out until halfway through next May. I think the solution to all of the Corvette Bowling Green Assembly plant’s woes is for all of us to just purchase more Corvettes this year, right?

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