C7 Z06 With Front-Mounted Turbo

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There Are Many Ways to Mount a Turbo, but These Guys Chose to Place It Right at the Front!

In a highly competitive world like drag racing, pushing the envelope and re-imagining what’s already been established isn’t optional. It’s necessary. Be it ignition systems, suspension, or turbo positioning, it’s all up for grabs.

Front Turbo Z06

The folks at Thompson Motorsports are aware of the challenge, and they’ve tackled it with a rather unorthodox solution. As this footage by 1320video shows, Thompson Motorsports and Cordes Performance have teamed up to engineer the only C7 Corvette Z06 with a front-mounted turbo (that we know of). Furthermore, they’re pushing their test mule to its limits at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park near Phoenix, Arizona.

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Inside the engine bay lays a 376-ci short-block motor, which had its blower removed by Cordes performance. Instead, the aforementioned front-mounted turbo was installed, which ran a total of 18 psi of boost when this video was filmed. Other mods were performed to the short-block, which were primarily installed for research purposes.

Kyle Thompson from Thompson Motorsports explains why they haven’t developed a fully custom engine: “We want to see what this motor will handle before building it.”

Later on in the video, he also expresses his desire to know weak points and tolerances before diving further into fabrication.

It’s a great vid, all in all. So turn up the volume and enjoy!

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