Corvette C8.R Render Removes Camo From Spy Photo

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Corvette C8.R Render

Corvette C8.R render drapes upcoming race car’s dazzling lines in red.

The closer we come to finally seeing the C8 era of our beloved Corvette in the flesh, the more spy shots and renders are dropped in our laps. Some guessing here, some peeking there, all to get our hopes up that this Corvette doesn’t rip our hearts out and burns them out on its way to the future.

Case in point: Instagrammer the_orange_inferno recently took a spy photo he found of the C8.R (which we reported on last week) on the internet, then peeled away the spy camo to reveal the future race car’s lines in the amazing render above.

Corvette C8.R Spy Shot

The all-red C8.R shows off the clear break in the back section of the front fender, allowing air from under the car to funnel through the side vents leading into the engine bay. The upper opening directly above, in turn, gives hot air from braking a chance to escape, keeping things cooler in the thick of competition. There also mesh side vents near the nose of the C8.R to funnel cool air toward the same zone, while the big rear wing and rear diffuser ensure the rear wheels are firmly planted to the ground as it slips by all comers.

The_orange_inferno also turned his sights on a more detailed rendering, this time of the non-race spec C8. Dressed in a shade of red that turns purple when the light is not directly on it, this C8 practically jumps off the (digital) paper, as if it were almost the real thing. All we know is that the sooner the C8 and C8.R get here, the better.

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