Corvette Forum Members: What Else Is in Your Garage?

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Nissan GT-R with C5 Corvette Z06 50th Anniversary Edition

What do you drive when (or if) you keep your Corvette in the garage?

For many Corvette owners, the thought of any other sports car is repulsive. Some, however, are more open-minded when it’s time to fill their garage. Variety is the spice of life, right? In light of a recent thread started by Corvette Forum member am3gross, we’ve seen a surprising amount of Corvette owners respond that they drive a wide variety of other cars. For some, a truck or SUV fills a more utilitarian slot in their garage. For others, the speed and raw connectivity of a motorcycle makes it the only thing that can match the Corvette’s awesome factor.

When we first investigated this phenomenon a few years ago, we discovered that many Corvette drivers are loyal to GM brands for their other rides. Some went outside the fold to own a German sports car or a Japanese luxury sedan. Some even owned an Italian-built classic. Much of that remains true today, as it would seem that Corvette enthusiasts are better described as car enthusiasts.

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So what do you say? Is your Corvette the only sports car you have room in your heart to love, or do you also have a Porsche, Viper, Miata, or Ferrari in your garage too? Do you occasionally need something that gets better fuel mileage for long hauls? Or something with a big bed for hauling? Perhaps you take a comfortable car on your daily commute, saving the ‘Vette for fair weather weekend trips. Weigh in on the forums and let us know what keeps your Corvette company in the garage.

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