Corvette Clutch Kits Guide

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The Corvette clutch in your vehicle is one of the most important parts of the driving system and apparatus. Unlike other accessories in your car which do not directly relate to the performance of the vehicle, but which may be in place solely for aesthetic purposes, the clutch is entirely reversed; it is very rarely used for any type of aesthetic enhancement, and is entirely in place to help your vehicle perform better. Because most Corvettes are manual transmission systems that require a clutch, getting a good clutch for your vehicle is a crucial step for any owner who looks to enhance the performance of his or her car.

Number 1 — Chevrolet Stock Kits

One of the strongest options that you have for purchasing a clutch is to go to the source directly. Chevrolet manufactures aftermarket and replacement clutch kits for its vehicles across the production lines. Corvette kits exist for every make and type of Corvette that is still in production and from every model year as well. In many cases, these kits can be found at the Chevrolet dealer near you; other times, you may need to search for them separately at used parts stores or online. In any event, the clutch kits that are manufactured by Chevrolet provide you with a custom piece that is designed to specifically fit into your car and work with your transmission system. You will not run into any problems with compatibility or performance, which is a huge benefit.

Number 2 — Fidanza Kits

Fidanza clutch kits are specific types of kits that are designed for certain Corvette models. They are not available for each vehicle. These clutches are custom made for ultra high performance vehicles, and will last longer and be more responsive than other clutches. If you tend to have your standard clutch overheat or freeze up on you when you’re driving your car at high speeds or making sudden gear changes, a Fidanza kit is an excellent option. The price, however, is quite a bit higher than a standard Chevrolet replacement clutch.

Number 3 — Centerforce Kits

Centerforce clutch kits are midrange clutches that are also manufactured by Chevrolet directly. These kits are therefore usually seen as higher in performance ability than the standard stock replacement kits that you might buy directly from a dealer or the manufacturer. Centerforce kits are excellent for people who drive their Corvettes hard and make use of the full range of different performance options and abilities of the car. They will last for a long time and are sturdier and more reliable than most other types of clutch kits, and the price is still quite reasonable (less than $500 per kit, typically).

For more information about which clutch kit will work best for you and for your driving style, you should speak with a certified mechanic or custom auto body specialist in your area. A dealer or other Chevrolet expert can also help to provide you with a sense for which clutch will work best for you.

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