Corvette Clutch Kits to Fit your Budget

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The best Corvette clutch for you is not
necessarily the piece that comes from the best brands or manufacturers,
but is also one that fits with your needs and budget. Corvette clutches
are generally high end performance clutch systems, and these
accessories are crucial to the continued performance of a manual
transmission vehicle. Unlike certain other accessories, which are
designed as aesthetic enhancements for a car, the Corvette clutch is
absolutely necessary to the success of your driving experience.
Therefore, it’s a good idea to evaluate your driving style before you
purchase a Corvette clutch part. Read on for a brief overview of
Corvette clutch kits according to the price at which they sell.

Under $400

The primary Corvette clutch kits that you’ll be able to buy for under
$400 are those that are standard clutch kits made by Chevrolet. These
kits are inexpensive and not flashy, but they provide a great many
benefits over third party manufacturer kits. First, they may be less
expensive and easier to come by, as you’ll be able to find them through a
Chevrolet parts warehouse, a dealer, or many mechanics and auto body
shops as well. You’ll also have better luck finding clutch kits for
discontinued and out of production Corvettes if you go through Chevrolet
directly. Additionally, these kits are designed and built specifically
for Corvettes, and more particularly for the model that you own. This
means that compatibility and performance will be excellent across the

$400 to $600

Centerforce clutch kits fall within the middle range of prices on
this list. These kits are also designed by Chevrolet, meaning that they
have the benefits of the less expensive kits above. The reason that they
tend to cost a bit more, however, is that they are designed for high
end performance that is a bit more sensitive than the kits listed
previously. This means that a Centerforce kit will work well for you if
you tend to drive very quickly and make hairpin changes to your gear
shifting and other driving tactics. Those who drive a Corvette in a more
demure way, however, may find that the difference in performance is

Above $600

Fidanza clutch kits are quite a bit more expensive than those already
listed here. These kits are usually priced over $1000 each, and the
performance benefits are great. Once again, however, the performance
benefits will not likely outweigh the additional cost for all but a few
of the most sensitive drivers. That is why it’s important to evaluate
your own driving style before you decide on which clutch kit to buy.

For more information about the different clutch kits that you can buy
for your Corvette, as well as advice about which kits will be best for
your needs and driving style, consult with a certified mechanic, a
dealer or a custom body parts specialist close by to you.

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