C6 Corvette Contributes to Sting Operation

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I’m a huge fan of Corvettes, but I’ve never quite considered one worthy of a Citizens Merit Award. However, this one might be well deserving of the accolade.

Why you ask? Well, this rather mild-mannered looking 2010 C6 convertible could actually be credited with saving a few more beloved automobiles from being stolen.

Apparently, when the owners, Michael and Christy Childers of Hardin County, Kentucky, tried to sell the Corvette on Craigslist, they wound up helping authorities stop a major auto theft ring, according to a GM Authority report.

The Childers became suspicious after the sale, when they spotted the Corvette on Chicago’s Craigslist. Having let their bank handle the transaction, they soon learned that the check the buyers used for the purchase had a fake routing and checking number.

Police set up a sting operation and ended up catching the car thieves driving the Childers’ Corvette. While two arrests were made, police believe the culprits were part of an even bigger car theft operation backed by organized crime.

Now, the Childers say they have no plans on parting with the ‘Vette, which is understandable considering it’s a hero of sorts.

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