Corvette Does Donuts at Takeover Event, Passenger Flies Out of Car

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Los Angeles takeover shuts down streets, showcases display of idiocy.

In case you aren’t familiar with “takeover” events, consider yourself lucky. In short, as seen in the video above, these are unsanctioned late night gatherings where dozens of vehicles block public streets, taking them over, in an attempt to…well, actually, we aren’t sure what the point is. No one in attendance seems to know, either.

These “takeovers” have become an epidemic in California, with places like Oakland in Northern California, and Los Angeles in Southern California being targeted hot spots. In case the message hasn’t been clear, Corvette Forum is staunchly anti-takeover. As far as we’re concerned, these idiots can take their dumb asses over to a race track. Of course, we’re willing to bet that these same folks would get lapped on a road course, or schooled at a real drift event.

Los Angeles Takeover Corvette Donuts

To summarize, there are several prominent areas throughout South LA where these events take place. The term “Crenshaw Takeover” at this point refers to just about any chicanery happening in South/South Central LA. There are V8 vehicles from all American marques on display, though, it’s predominantly GM vehicles. Camaros and Firebirds, from third gen and up, are mixing it up with Chargers and this Laguna Blue C7 Corvette Stingray.


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When the Corvette enters the fray, around the 4:55 mark, the camera zooms in on the already-smoking rear hides. There’s not enough rubber left to really call them tires, at this point. For reasons unthinkable, the passenger of this Corvette decides the best way to film the antics is stand up on the passenger seat, as the car is moving. A truer genius there likely never will be. Despite a shaky start, as the passenger clings on for dear life, initially, things seem okay. Then, in an even more bizarre move, the passenger goes from filming to…taking a phone call? Shortly after, we see our hero being flung from the Corvette mid-donut. Naturally, the driver keeps going without worry, though, the camera man cuts the footage, likely to drag our fallen hero out of the street.

There is more stupidity after the Corvette driver is told to park it. A sixth-gen Camaro SS nearly clips the nose off the ‘Vette while dodging a crowd of people by inches. However, what we really want to point out is the dumbassery in the video description. The video owner, Two Two Steele, attempts to pitch these takeovers as events that bring the car community together. In his own words, “Crenshaw Takeover is about people from different backgrounds and ethnicities coming together to enjoy fast exotic vehicles. Rather its through performance or spectating, the goal is to enjoy one thing we all have in common and that’s the love of cars.”

Get real. You can easily bring the community together at the race track. Seriously, here in California we are spoiled for choice. There are no less than 13 tracks within three hours of Los Angeles for drifting, time attack, drag racing, open lapping, or anything else you want to do. Think we’re just preaching atop the soapbox? Thank again. The takeover community is ruining things for car enthusiasts who aren’t complete assholes. Police forces throughout the greater Los Angeles area are responding to these takeovers by cracking down on all modified cars. These people are painting targets on everyone’s backs. Keep your nice cars hidden in the garage, the takeover crowd is here to ruin the day.

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