Corvette Ranks No. 4 on Nationwide Dream Cars List

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2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

One company polled 2,000 people on a range of questions to see how their dream cars related to a number of factors.

Since you’re here, you probably had pictures of Corvettes taped up on the walls at home. Not all of us dreamt from a young age about a ‘Vette, but somehow these incredible machines made their mark. Perhaps you recall several brushes with Corvettes, including many Saturdays staring at a family friend’s numbers-matching split-window. Or maybe it was your mentor’s 1972 Stingray. Not only did you get a few wild rides in it, but she taught you the basics of fiberglass fabrication. Good times.

Gold Eagle, manufacturer of more products than we realized, put together a fun series of infographics polling a wide range of people. Front and center were the top-five dream cars.

Dream Cars Survey

The Corvette made the top five, naturally. Though we think it should have topped the chart, we can understand the hesitation of some to embrace the ‘Vette. We suppose its the lifestyle those surveyed imagine goes along with certain vehicles. The breakdown by gender was interesting, though not surprising for the Corvette: 59% men and 41% women. Power is something enjoyed by all, as evidenced by these numbers. Does anyone else feel bad for the millennials who overwhelmingly chose a Tesla as their dream car?

The next amusing thing we noticed was the chart on why people bought their most expensive car.

Dream Cars Survey

Though most of us probably fall in line with the latter two infographics, we think the reason for buying around these parts would be a little skewed. Fifty percent “Thrill of driving it,” and 50 percent “dream car”.

Later on, the survey asks about first cars, which aside from the Camaro (starter ‘Vette?) is pretty depressing. Dodge Neons and Ford Mustangs rank in the top 10. Realistic, but depressing. We recall a friend who spent a lot of money making a Dodge Neon SRT4 go rather fast. After the third or fourth motor, he got fed up and purchased a C5 Corvette with a six-speed. We still remember the smile stuck to his face for weeks after bringing it home.

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Austin Lott is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and LS1Tech, among other auto sites.

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