Corvette Driver Faces Charges for Accident that Left Friend in Coma

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Here’s a guy that never, ever deserved to own a Corvette and is a complete disgrace to the nameplate, if you ask me.

Not because he’s facing charges for wrecking his Corvette last summer, but because after allegedly drinking and driving recklessly, he fled the scene of an accident while leaving a “friend” in the car — a friend that would later be put in a coma.

The twenty-two-year-old driver, Anthony Edward Torpey, crashed the Corvette into a concrete pillar, a tree, and then a concrete wall, causing major head trauma” to his passenger, according to a report.

Police later found Torpey .2 miles away from the scene intoxicated. To make matters worse, Torpey had been arrested for a prior collision before this accident.

Family members of Torpey have been pleading with officials to give the 22-year-old a second chance, saying that he’s remorseful. And while I certainly don’t think he should rot in jail forever for the mistake, he definitely should be banned from ever driving a Corvette again.

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