Corvette Falls Victim to Ridiculous Hayabusa-Powered Golf Cart

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Superbike power is more than enough to propel this insane golf cart to victory against a Corvette and everybody else.

Let’s be honest, losing is never what anyone would call fun. However, sometimes, it can be a good thing, or even funny. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at this montage of video clips from BigKleib34. And after you watch it, we’re betting there’s a pretty big chance that you will chuckle at least a little bit. That would be because it features what is perhaps the most insane thing we’ve ever seen: a Hayabusa superbike-powered golf cart.

The wheelie-popping death machine actually works, however, to the point where it seemingly destroys everything it lines up against, including, sadly, a Corvette. Even with a multi-car head start, the golf cart from Hell manages to chase this quick Corvette down with no problem, notching yet another victory in its proverbial belt. But at least it was a relatively close race. You sure can’t say the same for some of the others.

Corvette Golf Cart Drag Race

To be honest, these results shouldn’t really surprise anyone. The Hayabusa is an insanely quick motorcycle as it is. Take its 1,300 cc, 158 hp engine and strap it to a golf cart, and well, it’s going to be fast. Like really fast. Like if this thing didn’t have a giant wheelie bar, it would be laying on its back every single launch. Heck, it even wheelies on the dyno, despite being strapped down really well.

Hayabusa-Powered Golf Cart

With a set of slicks out back, it just hooks and goes. But still, you’ve got to have a steel set to drive something like this. But on the bright side, we’re betting that the owner of this bad boy can sneak in a round of golf in no time!

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