Corvette Fans Will Love the Ending to This ​’Roadkill​’ Episode

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When it comes to quality YouTube car shows, the pickings are pretty slim. It costs a lot of time, effort, and most of all money, so not many people or companies do them properly. But Motor Trend does, thanks largely in part to a sponsorship from Dodge. Roadkill is one of the only long-winded YT car formats that is usually worth watching, and that’s been rewarded, as the 50th episode was just released.

In its four years of existence, the Roadkill crew have built a ton of insanely ridiculous and awesomely weird project vehicles, and then pushed them to their limits. So for the 50th episode, the guys brought 10 of the vehicles together to do some time trials. One of the remaining vehicles is a cart that was created from a C4 Corvette. And apparently the reaction to it wasn’t the greatest.


“The ‘Vette cart holds the distinction of being the only Roadkill car that has ever prompted somebody to threaten us with a pipe bomb,” said one of the hosts, Mike Finnegan.

Yeah, Corvette guys take their cars seriously. Which is great and a sad at the same time. On one hand, it’s sort of brutal to see the C4 go through this process, but then again, cars are meant to be played with. And that’s exactly what they’re doing.

Let loose and have some fun with the Roadkill guys below.

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