1954 Corvette Barn Find Certainly Qualifies as ‘Ironic’

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Buyer lucks out on classic ’54 find, less than 20 miles from his house.

Talk about an interesting barn find.

Of all the ones we’ve covered here at Corvette Forum, we may have never come across one as interesting as this one. And we say that not because it’s a pretty well-kept 1954 Corvette. Though, that certainly adds to the idea of it being very interesting.

Then again, come to think about it, maybe “interesting” doesn’t put it in its proper context. Maybe the word we’re looking for here is “ironic,” given the idea that finding such a prized gem like this — 50 years later, some 20 miles from where you live, with only 33,000 miles on the odometer — is much more than just interesting.

Oh, not to mention the fact that the ’54 Corvette was discovered on (of all places) Craigslist. Now, don’t get us wrong, we’ve heard of some surprising car finds on the site. So, that factor alone isn’t enough to designate a Corvette find as “ironic,” or even “interesting,” for that matter. But as the lucky buyer of the 1954, Kevin Harris, recounts, it was far from your typical barn find.

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“He was the grandson. His grandfather died in 2011 and no one in the family wanted the car, so he bought it. His grandfather had parked the car in 1966 and then put a cover over it and started storing stuff in it. It was used as a shelf or bench until Grandpa died,” Kevin tells Super Chevy, detailing when he first found the car.

Sounds a little too good to be true, right? Well, top that all off with the fact that the asking price was $53,000 and you might be thinking, “Uh, the word ‘suspicious’ is more fitting.”

But here’s the thing, the Corvette actually wound up being a great barn find, likely worth much more than the $53,00 that Kevin paid for it. And even more “interesting,” Kevin bought the car unseen.

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