Corvette Forum Asks: C7 or Motorcycle?

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Corvette Forum - C7 Corvette or Motorcycle

Hypothetical conundrum proposed by a forum member is proving contentious. Two wheels or four?

When we sit around with our buddies, we eventually tire of tech talk and bench racing, and start playing games. “Marry, Fornicate, Kill,” and “Would You Rather?” come to mind. The same thing can happen in our forums.

While tech discussion is always more than welcome — and always active — sometimes it’s fun to just hang out and shoot the breeze. Corvette Forum member gixxerbill loves motorcycles in addition to his Corvette, and those two passions inspired a question.

If you could only keep one — either your C7 Corvette or your motorcycle — which would you keep? It’s a tough question, but several members weighed in.

Corvette Forum - C7 Corvette or Motorcycle

Our members seemed pretty evenly split between keeping their motorcycles or their Corvettes in this hypothetical scenario. However, a few members, including altransam and C7Me, sold their motorcycles to buy their dream car.

While everyone in the thread loves the experience of being on two wheels, some enjoy sacrificing the rapid acceleration of a motorcycle and the open-air feel for additional comfort and utility. Others, if pressed, would hastily sell their Corvette if it meant keeping their beloved bike.

Corvette Forum - C7 Corvette or Motorcycle

Our forum member’s choice of motorcycles were split up, too – geraldschumann is the proud (and lucky) owner of not only a C7 Corvette, but also a Moto Guzzi V7 and a Kawasaki Concours. From sportbikes to cruisers, Harleys to Ducatis, our members seem to love them all.

One member, jimmie jam, even has some rare vintage iron to his name – a 1915 Indian and a 1917 Johnson Motor Wheel. Coupled with his 2015 Indian and C7 Corvette, that’s one heck of a garage, packed to the brim with American icons.

Corvette Forum - C7 Corvette or Motorcycle

So what say you? Two wheels or four? Open air or heated seats? V8 or V-twin? Join the active discussion in our forum!


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