Corvette Forum Member Jumps in to Help Another Get Back on the Road

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I’m a big sucker for stories of people going out of their way to help others.

Always have been and always will be. That’s why when I learned of a thread highlighting how one Corvette Forum member helped another get his 1963 Corvette fixed for the upcoming Woodward Dream Cruise, I couldn’t wait to share the story here.

It all began when CF member, Michael Frazier, started a thread back in early July discussing how his ‘Vette’s rebuilt engine went out, just 5,000 miles in on a “supposed” one-year, 12,000 mile warranty.
“Engine guy says I must have either revved the engine too high (excessive rpms) or incorrectly shifted the transmission since this is the only thing that could have caused this type of damage to the rebuilt motor,” Michael posted back in July. “When I told him that I was the only one who drove it and at no point did I ever excessively rev the engine or incorrectly shifted the transmission, he calls me a liar and says there is no warranty because of what I did to the car.”

Michael, who was planning to attend the August 15 cruise with his wife Sandy, proceeded to ask for input on what might have caused the failure.

Compelled to help a fellow ‘Vette owner, other forum members quickly began chiming in, offering their take on the situation. One member in particular by the name of Donny Brass took it upon himself to personally help Michael fix the car, all out of the kindness of his heart.


“I am honored that this story has spread so much good will,” Donny posted . “All I was focused on (was) getting the Sandy and Mike to the Woodward Cruise. I have a great couple of weeks convincing Mike to let me finish the car, playing in the garage with my dad and my son, and genuinely enjoying the task at hand.”

Donny went on to say, “The motor proved to be a very good one, and Mike and I have agreed that he can buy the motor and pay for it when the car sells. If anyone wants to donate, it would be appreciated and put towards the motor. I have all I need in life and I am blessed to have been able to offer help. Thanks to everyone who offered parts or help, and especially to Rick327 for offering his car and a parking spot on Woodward.”
Donny’s outreach has earned him a Corvette Forum Lifetime Gold Membership award, which is certainly well-deserved.

With the big Detroit cruise less than two weeks away and an upcoming 60th birthday on August 7, Mike just can’t seem to thank Donny enough, which is certainly understandable given all that his fellow Corvette Forum member has done.
“A couple of weeks ago someone posted that ‘Donny Brass is the real deal,’ I can tell you he is all that and then some. What do you say to a wonderful person like him? Thanks so much just didn’t seem like enough. We love you Donny, from all the Frazier’s,” Michael posted.

What a great story about the family of Corvette.

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