Corvette Forum Finds: Supercharged C5 Z06 Up for Grabs

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2003 Corvette Z06

Purchased in the forums years ago, Electron Blue Z06 has a new supercharger, around 64,000 miles, and a new sound system.

Looking for a new ride. Before you look on the dealer’s lot or through eBay, why not have a go with Corvette Forum. There are plenty of cars from every era of the Corvette for sale, from project cars to completed builds. In fact, we were looking through the forums the other day when we happened upon a C5 Z06 hardtop that is making a return appearance to our classifieds, and it’s one you might want to check out.

“For Sale or Trade for something cool” (like a C7 Z06 or Camaro ZL1, per the seller), this Electron Blue 2003 Z06 was first purchased by forum member ocphy four years ago from another forum member. Since then, the ‘Vette has racked up a few more miles on the odometer, which currently reads 64,000 (though it “might go up a little” if he still has the car through winter).

2003 Corvette Z06

The Z06’s 5.7-liter LS6 V8 now has a new Vortec V3Ti supercharger mounted on top of it, no doubt adding on to the 405 horses and 400 lb-ft of torque originally offered. It also has an aftermarket stereo system, plus a set of aftermarket wheels and tires.

“[The] car is not perfect, has some rock chips and it is a car to be driven and enjoyed,” says the seller. “Crack around the center console lock, the ash tray and cup door springs could stand to be replaced.”

Whoever is lucky enough to bring this Z06 into their garage will have a car as well-loved and broken-in as one’s favorite pair of jeans. For us, this is a good thing, as this blown C5Z is a real driver. May this Corvette continue to rack up the miles and quarter-miles to come.

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