Corvette Forum’s 2014 C7 Reliability Report

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Nothing gauges public opinion of a car’s reliability better than a site devoted to the vehicle itself, like Corvette Forum, for instance. I like to think of it as Consumer Reports’ raw and unfiltered little brother.

That attitude is certainly what I expected when Corvette Forum member “SlickStick” posted a thread titled “Is there a consensus of the 2014 model’s reliability yet?” “SlickStick” is interested in trading his 2005 C6 for a C7, but as his thread’s title indicates, he has concerns about first-year (2014) C7 reliability.

Would he be better off buying a 2015 model? At first thought, it seems logical that he would be better off with a ’15, considering the general rule when buying a new car: never buy the first model year.

So far, though, there seems to be very few complaints. Don’t take my word for it; here’s what your fellow forum members have to say:


“I’ve had my 2014 almost a year, with nearly 6,000 miles. It’s been to the dealer once — for a free oil change. I haven’t missed my C6 for one second since I traded it in on the C7.”


“My 2014 Convertible is perfect … absolutely no issues … and it’s one great […] car. Seven-thousand miles in seven months.”


“I’ve got almost 25,000 miles on mine, and so far, so good.”



“2014 Base with 6-speed auto. A couple of issues so far, both resolved by the dealer.
1) belt tensioner bearing went out at 3,500 miles, replaced and no issues since (now at 6,500 miles)
2) windshield washer reservoir sprung a leak and had to be replaced at about 4,500 miles.

No issue with operation, start/stop or otherwise. All in all, a pretty reliable ride.”

Supersonic 427

“Thirteen months and 8,600 miles … so far, so good! The only problem I have had with mine is that the defroster grille on the dash got wavy vanes. Replaced under warranty and about a five-minute fix.”


Hold on. Here’s some anger about the reliability.


“What a piece of crap I have! It starts when I push the button. Runs as requested until I push the button and turn it off. Been doing that since I bought it.”

OK, that was sarcasm, but I liked that one, so I had to include it.

While this thread is light on malfunctions, “Cuisinartvette“, warns it might be too early to fully assess the quality and potential issues of the 2014 C7. “These cars are too new,” he says. “Check back when they hit 80,000, 100,000-plus. Long wait.”

What do you think? Is it too soon to give a letter grade to the reliability of the 2014 C7 Corvette?

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