Corvette Forum’s Most Gorgeous C1s and C2s (Gallery)

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C1 and C1 Chevrolet Corvette photos

Corvette Forum members own some gorgeous first- and second-generation Corvettes.

To some people, history is boring. It could be because they never had a teacher who made it fun or interesting. Maybe it’s because some people grew up only knowing history as something you read in a big clunky book. One way of making the subject more engaging is by making it alive and interactive, which is exactly what the C1 and C2 coupes and convertibles here on Corvette Forum are.

Sure, it’s great to be able to go to a car show or an automotive museum and see a gleaming old-school Corvette, but it’s even better to see one out on a back road, watch it accelerate, hear the deep growl of its exhaust. It’s as educational as it is smile-forming. And it’s definitely something that will stay in someone’s mind. Especially a kid’s memories. Many of you here probably got into cars in the first place because you saw one when you were young that you just couldn’t forget, that motivated you to do what it took to buy the car of your dreams once you were able to.

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You C1 and C2 owners aren’t just the transporters of your rolling history exhibits. You’re experts on the subject of early Corvettes. As the photos in the gallery below show, you’re also dedicated caretakers of the irreplaceable classics. The “Post ‘One’ Pic of Your Car” thread is a treasure trove of tastefully modded and lovingly preserved vintage ‘Vettes, from an Ermine White and Jewel Blue 1961 beauty to an eye-catching silver ’67 convertible. We went through the entire collection of shots and put a sample of it below. Be sure to check out the entire thread to see even more gorgeous examples of American automotive history.

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