Corvette Forum Knows a Whole Lot About Vipers

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2005 Dodge Viper

A Corvette Forum member and C6 owner is seeking the community’s advice. What do you think about his original dream car: a third-gen Dodge Viper?

Corvette Forum isn’t just the first place you should go to get the low-down on all things Corvettes, but it’s also a great place to learn about its competition as well.

Senior Member slowstang305 currently owns a 2010 C6, a “clone” of one he previously let go of. But even though he’s a Corvette guy too and through, he understands the draw of a Dodge Viper. Heck, as a guy in his early thirties, he grew up dreaming about one, while viewing it as a supercar.

As slowstang recently shared in this Corvette Forum thread, while searching for his current C6 daily driver, he came across a number of examples of 2003-2006 Dodge Viper SRT10 Convertibles, priced reasonably in the upper $30k range. And he hasn’t stopped looking since.

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Now it appears this dream car may be getting ever closer to a reality, as slowstang has a slew of very specific questions about the Viper — namely about its reliability, how it would daily drive, how stiff the clutch feels, if the paint can handle the outdoors a few hours a day, and so on. And it would seem he’s asked the right crowd.

Senior member Silverback51, who bought the car above as a retirement gift to himself, gave a thorough review, noting: “Overall I’m pleased with the car and I used it as a daily driver in rain and shine for a little over a month until I actually retired.”

Though Millenium Vette has never owned a Viper, he has driven a few, and obviously learned a thing or two about them, enough to come to this conclusion: “I like them but would never consider one for a daily driver. A great mistress but a terrible wife. For one thing, they drive like an 80’s or 90’s exotic, meaning it takes a lot of concentration to drive it down the road, even at 25 MPH. They can get real twitchy for no reason at highway speeds.”

Senior Member 03_A/E_Coupe had some excellent insight as well: “I respect the Vipers of any year…. Awesome Looks! … Also…. I hear they’re Chick Magnets!”

There’s plenty more keen Viper insights in the thread. So check it out, and by all means, let slowstang know if you’ve got some of your own. Hopefully we can talk him out of jumping from the Corvette ship.

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