Corvette Forum Member Allegedly Sees Uncovered C8 Corvette Interior

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C8 Corvette

Incredibly detailed description of the C8 Corvette interior has many skeptical. But could it also be true?

To say that the C8 Corvette is the most anticipated new sports car in a long time might be a bit of an understatement. Mostly because it seems that Zora Arkus-Duntov‘s dream of seeing a mid-engine Corvette reach production is seemingly finally going to happen. At least, that’s what the many heavily camouflaged preproduction mules out there seem to indicate. But so far, no one outside of GM knows what the C8 Corvette is actually going to look like. Except Corvette Forum member Zerv02, who seems to have gotten a top secret look at the next-gen ‘Vette’s interior.

“The car is a game changer, unlike anything you’ve seen before. The interior, as I’ve stated before, is very close in resemblance to the current Ford GT and Porsche 918 Spyder, with hints of the Lamborghini Huracan.”

Unfortunately, the OP states that he cannot comment on the exterior. But we do get lots of details on what the inside of the C8 Corvette holds. Including a rough sketch.

C8 Corvette Interior

“The steering column, console, and dashboard are a carbon copy of the current Ford GT. Almost identical steering wheel with a digital-only dash. Unlike the C7, which is a combination of digital and physical in addition to another screen in the middle. It sort of wraps around the driver side dash.

Leather-wrapped square race-style steering wheel with a special emblem in the middle. It’s a lot thicker than the Ford GT’s wheel. Paddle shifters (DCT) will be used for shifting, won’t be a manual variation. It’s very similar to the Lamborghini Huracan’s DCT. On that note, there’s an ignition switch that looks like they pulled it right out of the Lamborghini Huracan, used to start the car. Obviously, the shaping is a bit different. This one is also a different color. Not sure if that will change in the production version.”

But it isn’t all Lambo and Ford, either.

“There is a touchpad similar to Daimler’s in most of their Mercedes models. Will probably function as a control for multimedia and writing things out. To the right of that touchpad is a circle *** that I’m assuming is going to be used for selecting the ride mode. It’s exactly like the one in the current C7, just has a silver lining to it.

The controls used for multimedia, seat controls, and climate control all run in a vertical line on the right side only of the center console. It looks kinda odd, a bit similar to the 918

Porsche 918

As you might imagine, plenty of other members are skeptical about this “information.”

“Anyone who takes the OP seriously I’ve got some really great stock to sell you in this company that I think is going to be huge,” quips BMadden“Just send me all of your money and I promise that it will work out great for you. Why would I take the time and effort to make this up?”

But as Jeff V. points out, maybe there is some truth to this “leaked” C8 Corvette info.

“I find it funny how everyone is knocking this guy for his claims. When their only basis for doing so is their own guesses and wishful thinking that this new car is actually the C8 Corvette and that it’ll cost $60-70k. Neither of those claims is supported by objective fact either.

If this is not the C8 but rather a new, possibly limited production model to sit above the front engine car, then a price north of $150k is at least plausible. The ZR1 is already up in that space. And Ford has had no problems selling a car at 3x that price despite the lack of European brand cachet.

It’s very possible he’s full of crap. But most of what other people are claiming to know is just the result of the speculative echo chamber here on the forums.”

Ford GT

As you can imagine, this topic has blown up in the forums with hundreds of posts in a matter of days. For that reason, it’s well worth checking out the entire thing by heading over here. And while you’re there, tell us what you think. Does this new C8 Corvette info pass the sniff test, or are you skeptical?

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