Corvette Forum Member Clocks a 10.42 Pass in Bone-Stock Z06

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Z06 bone run 2

Behold, friends — one of our own here at Corvette Forum has pulled off a run of 10.42 at 132 mph with a bone-stock Z06 on stock tires and rims.

That’s right, bone-stock everything with only about 250 miles on the odometer as noted by forum member BigNastyZ07 in his thread posted here that already has Corvette Forum abuzz.


Heavychevy – “That’s pretty amazing for stock and RWD. Absolutely amazing, in fact. This almost makes up for the C7Rice edition release. ALMOST.”

Bradgto – “Holy crap. That’s moving. I’m so jealous of your track prep. Freaking awesome run, man. Keep up the good work.”

FNBADAZ06 – Bad a$$.

Livinlife – Great Pass!

Rumba – Looks like you won one! First one under 10.5 stock. Submit it to Halltech.

Jaden61 – Just like a diamond. That’ll shut ’em up, for a minute.

Congrats, BigNastyZ07. You’ve made us all here at Corvette Forum extremely proud for what was clearly one amazing run highlighted in the video below.

Chime in about this fast Corvette on the forum. >>

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