Corvette Forum Member Questions if New Z06 Is True to Nameplate

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There seems to be a lot of questions being raised at Corvette Forum recently as to whether Chevrolet is abandoning some of the core DNA of the nameplate with the new Corvette model.

Now, no one is disputing whether Chevy hit the mark with the new Corvette; the popularity of the C7 proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt. But there are more and more discussions surfacing here over whether specific things, like GM’s track requirements for the car, are taking away from the true Corvette essence in the latest generation.

The most recent such discussion stems from a question raised by member Grcor in the thread titled, “What should a Z06 really be?”:

“If you look at the C2 Z06, C5 Z06, and C6 Z06 they are high performance track cars for driving enthusiasts. But the C7 Z06 did not follow the pure bread heritage of the previous Z06 cars. There is a convertible Z06 which is not allowed at most tracks. It is 300 to 350 pound heavier than the C6 Z06. The C7 Z06 overheats after 4 laps on the track.”

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Responses to the post have varied, but the general consensus is that GM has become more concerned about sales than staying true to the legacy of Corvette.

“GM doesn’t care about heritage the bottom line is what sells. It’s all about the $$$$$$$$,” said member Chicago1 in the thread.

“We are a small part of the buying public,” added member Reasonable Suspicion. “The enthusiast who can see through the marketing. The average consumer does not. The c7z06 is being marketed to the masses, not the enthusiast, all about bottom line.”

Agree or not, they all raise some interesting questions about the future of our beloved Corvette. But what do you make of all this?

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