Corvette Forum Member Seeks Their Dream 1970 Corvette Convertible

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1970 Corvette C3 Convertible

Forum member’s ideal 1970 Corvette convertible has power steering, comes in blue or silver, and boasts a list of specific features.

We all have a dream Corvette living in our hearts. For some, it’s a brand-new ZR1. Others may want to cruise down Main Street in a red-and-white C1. Whatever our dream, we can only hope to one day realize it.

For one Corvette Forum member, the Corvette they seek is specific, it’s a 1970 C3 convertible.

1970 Corvette C3 Convertible

Senior member Stroh is “looking to buy one of the 6,648 1970 Corvette convertibles produced. Project or polished gem. Numbers matching or not. Stock or modded. Big block, small block, or no block. Auto or stick.”

His ideal 1970 Corvette convertible has power steering and brakes, wears Bridgehampton Blue or Cortez Silver, and is a 1970 convertible. Other “big plusses” for his search include all-factory fiberglass, auxiliary hard top, shoulder belts, and a tilting telescopic steering column. So, ideally, he’s looking for a decently well-optioned ride, though, he’s clearly very flexible when it comes to the powertrain.

Stroh says he prefers to find his dream Corvette convertible within a couple hundred miles of his home in southeastern Michigan, but is willing travel for the right one, even to Canada. He’s also got the cash to pay for the ‘Vette in his hand; all he needs is a deal.

So, if you can help in any way possible, why not give him a ring. If you’re not a Corvette Forum member yet, then you should join, especially if you can make one man’s Corvette dream come true. And, if you’re either of the above, and you do help out Corvette Forum member Stroh, drop us a line, because we also want to hear about it.

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