Corvette Forum Member Sells Beloved C5, But Buyer Wants to Sell it Back

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1999 Torch Red FRC Corvette C5

Corvette Forum member Cedarberry got sick a while back, so in order to pay for chemo, he sold off his beloved C5.

As you can see in his continuously updated build thread, Cedarberry really loved his car, a 1999 Torch Red FRC. And he had big plans for her, which we’re rudely interrupted.

A couple of weeks after he sold his ‘Vette, the buyer called Cedarberry asking to sell the car back, not because it was a lemon or anything, no, far from it. He said the C5 was way too much car for him, so much so that he wound up doing 360s on a major interstate after stepping too heavily on the gas.


So Cedarberry asked his fellow forum members for advice, specifically if he had any legal obligation to give the man his money back. Cedarberry also wondered if “people buy cars, run the crap outta them and then try and give um back?”

Boy, that sure set off a torrent of suggestions of just where this man could put his money. But after some time, Cedarberry had another conversation with the buyer, which set his mind more at ease. It seems Cedarberry’s ‘Vette packs quite a wallop, so he could understand how the buyer could A) end up doing 360s down the highway, and B) be scared enough to want to sell the car back.

Thankfully, it seems that Cedarberry is now in a position to buy the car back. So after some further forum advice, Cedarberry has decided to take the car into the shop, have it checked out, and buy the car back for a little less than he originally sold it.

So yeah, this may have been a bit of  a speed bump along the way, but this love story about a man and his Corvette will continue. Cedarberry even has his next mods picked out. But for the best part of this story, I’ll leave it to Cedarberry to tell you:

“Also guys I’m doin real well and no signs of the cancer returning, Doc says another six months with no problems and I should be good to go.”

Enjoy the new ride, Cedarberry, you deserve it.

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