Corvette Forum Member Spices Up a C6 with C7 Headlights

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Here’s a conversion that may just take off like a rocket here at Corvette Forum.

Crazy Cowboy, a Premium Supporting Vendor on the forum, has swapped out the headlights on his C6 with those from a C7, pulling off one cool looking mod. And it’s clear he put a lot of thought into the project, which he shares in a thread started here.


“…I bought the C7 headlights just after the C7 came out with the intent of doing this. (Even though at the time I was driving a C5!),” posted Crazy Cowboy. “I bought another C6 a couple months ago and came across a forum member who was posting about his C7 headlight widebody project. I was happy to see that and would have liked to buy his if it wasn’t a widebody kit or even maybe if it was but it wasn’t available…So yesterday morning me and a buddy banged this out in about 8 hours.”

Crazy Cowboy expects to have the kit primed and painted by the weekend, with plans to possibly mold the bumper and fender and sell the conversion kit. And I’m sure it will go over like gangbusters here, right?

Chime in with your thoughts on the forum. >>

Crazy Cowboy Corvette C6 to C7 Headlight Mod

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